Get Involved

We are very ‘hands on’, here at Covered and we’d love for you to get involved!
Down below are a few things that we do and some ways that you can get
involved to help us keep the mission going.


Monthly Events

  • Bag Stuffing

    Every month, women from all over the city gather to assemble gift bags and write encouraging notes for the women we serve in preparation for City Outreach.

  • City Outreach

    Once a month, the Covered Team gathers together to pass out gift bags to the Pearls with no strings attached. These gifts deliver the message that each woman is valued, loved, and seen.

  • The Hangout

    Every month, we gather for a time of community and connection. This time is used to enjoy a meal together and host discussion on various topics related to pursuing life change.

5 Ways That You Can
Get Involved

Memorize the statistics, expose the truth, educate your circle of influence on why this issue exists, and ways they can get involved.

Connect With Us!


If you’re feeling called to serve and help us with this mission, then we’d love to connect with you and get you involved. Please click the volunteer link to connect with us and we will get back with you as soon as we receive the volunteer application!

Volunteer Here!