[1] Sex trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal industry,
affecting every nation across the globe.


– 80% of trafficking victims are female.
– 70% of those are trafficked into the commercial sex industry.


– Up to 90% of women in the sex industry have a history of sexual abuse as children..


– 89% of women say they wanted to escape but had no other means of survival..

[5] Time Magazine reported an estimated annual profit of $100 billion from sex trafficking alone.

This exceeds the annual revenue of Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined.

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Google, Nike, Starbucks
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Sex Trafficking

% Assaulted

– 100% of women in the sex trade have reported to be physically assaulted during work-related activities at least once.

million victims

– There are 27 million victims of commercial sexual servitude, forced labor, and bonded labor worldwide.


– Women who work in the sex industry suffer from PTSD at rates equivalent to veterans of combat war.

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