Common Questions

Who is Covered for?

Women who have been affected by trauma revolving around domestic and sexual violence.

We refer to the women we serve as “Pearls”; Pearls are very beautiful and valuable gemstones, but what really makes them special is how they are created. Unlike other gems, pearls are produced by a living organism, an oyster, as the result of an injury. The oyster protects itself by layering the irritant until, out of pain and suffering, it forms an object of great beauty. Its value lies in the cost paid for it

Privacy: Adopting this identifier has helped to keep the name of the women we serve private, but gives us the ability to communicate with our supporters.

We believe you cannot reach women in the industry without reaching victims of sex trafficking. The two are intersected.

While not every woman in the industry has been trafficked, victims of trafficking do end up in the industry.

Many women in the industry share stories of their pimps, boyfriends, or even fathers manipulating or forcing them into the sex industry when they were young. Most of these women do not even realize they were or are victims of trafficking

Growth and expansion is a part of our vision. We would love to discuss this further with you. Please contact us!

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No. We will provide services and support to any woman in the sex industry regardless of whether or not she wants to leave the business. Women in the sex industry are often facing a myriad of issues. Many are dealing with backgrounds of sexual abuse, trauma, substance abuse issues, depression, PTSD, and domestic violence. We believe that it is important to meet women where they are at. If a woman wants help addressing the sexual abuse in her past, and has no intention of leaving the sex industry, we want to support her in this. If we only helped women who said they wanted to leave the business at the initial point of contact, we could be missing an incredible opportunity to see God work in her life in other areas.

Our goal is not to try to convince or force people to leave sex work. It is not our job to convict people or tell them how to live their lives. We believe that our role is to encourage women in their value, purpose and relationship with God. It is from this place that God does some of His best work. We are not interested in forcing “help” on people who do not want it. We want to be a support to the ones who do.