Building resilient families…

Welcome! We are so glad you came for a visit. Together we can fight for the freedom of women and children who are overcoming domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. 

FACT: Individuals with a social support system have lower rates of drug and alcohol abuse.

“The Light truly is powerful in the midst of such darkness… Light is Love and Love never fails.” ~Savannah Rayford, Founder of Covered International

The Social - Covered International

A social support network designed to engage, educate, and equip women!

  • The Social provides opportunities that promote rest, health and wellness.
  • It is a fun, engaging monthly gathering designed for women, especially single mother’s. Childcare is provided.
  • You’ve heard it said, “Each time women gather together with one another, the world heals a little more”. This is our place for that.

To provide opportunities for boys to develop their social and life skills, leading them to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.

  • A proactive approach that educates our boys about the necessities of manhood.
  • We provide opportunities for boys to develop their social and life skills.
  • We host fun, engaging monthly events teaching economics, automotive care, home repair, healthy relationships, and more. Click Here to Visit The Program Inc
The Village - Covered International

A diverse supportive community producing resources and engagement.

  • A community that believes the revitalization of a city starts with us caring well for our people.
  • The Village provides opportunities for volunteering, sponsoring events, becoming a financial partner or other innovative ideas.
  • Our next event is The Gathering: Click Here for details.
Single Mother Statistic

34% lived below the poverty line, 26% were jobless, 30% food insecure

A study on the benefits of a social support system for single mothers found that supportive relationships with friends, rather than task-oriented support from family, was positively related to the mother’s psychological well-being.

Through connection to resources and a strong support system, like Covered International, women can encounter HOPE to create a better life.

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